Path2Life Ministries

WOVEN: "Women of Valor Encouraging her Neighbor"


Woven Women’s Ministry was formed to connect women of Path2Life Ministries and women from all over the world: To Christ and To women of other ages and stages so that we may grow together in the Faith, Knowledge and Love of Jesus Christ.


To grow in an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ through daily study and application of the Scriptures, Prayer, and the Building of relationships through an intergenerational group of Christian Women Woven together for Kingdom purpose.

Commitment and Mission:

With God’s help I will strive to uphold and preserve the truths of the Bible. Relying on the strength of the Spirit I will endeavor to be faithful in completing my own studies and preparing for discussions and meetings. By equally accepting and loving each woman in this group, I will, with God’s help, be sensitive to the varied needs of every woman.

~Pastor Patty Lee~

Women’s Department President: Pastor Patty Lee

Women’s Department Secretary: Clarissa Tucker

Women’s Department Asst. to President: Haley Lee 


For information on upcoming events please contact:

 Path2Life Ministries @



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