Path2Life Ministries

Meet Our Pastors

Pastor Thad is a Man of God who lives every word that he preaches. God has anointed him to preach, teach and to exhort the Body of Christ. He is submitted and committed to the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Pastor Thad recognized the call on his life over 12 years ago and obediently walked into that calling with no reservations. He is a mentor to young men and is a friend to everyone whom he meets...He is a Man of Integrity who truly loves the Lord!

When God made man, He made a spirit..It was His plan that we live blessed. The tempter came and we became distracted, the tempter came and we fell. We were deemed to live a life that's beautiful; a life that's full; a life that's rich and  plentiful. It's my goal to remind the people of God of this principle...Youre redeemed; a newborn soul so "Lets get back to Eden and live on top of the world!"

"We are Men of Dominion!" Pastor Thad

Pastor Patty is fulfilling the clarion call of God on her life to be a fresh and anointed voice for the Kingdom. It is evident that God is using her to build His Kingdom in this millennium. Lives are being empowered by the cutting edge approach to the Word of God she presents to the believers.

God has especially anointed her to operate in the gifts of teaching, preaching and prophecy. She is a visionary with a prophetic deliverance ministry; She's the First Lady of P2L and is a Woman of God who truly loves God's people; She's a Mentor to women (of all ages) in her community and all across the world...A Woman after the heart of God!

"To obtain the Promises of God One must live by the Principles of God!"  Pastor Patty

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