How long are we going to keep going around the same mountain, fighting the same battles, struggling with the same addictions, wrestling with the same fleshly lusts and desires, falling down at the same place over and over again, giving into the same temptations again and again before we are willing to admit we have a problem?
If you can’t look at a pretty woman or a handsome man without lusts up in your heart you have a problem.
If you can’t see somebody else blessed with something nicer than what you have without becoming jealous and critical and envious, then you have a problem.
If every time things don’t go your way you run to the fridge and gorge yourself, you have a problem.
If you still get angry and resentful and hold a grudge every time somebody says something about you or disagrees with you, you’ve got a problem.
If your car can’t drive past the casino without turning into the parking lot, you have a problem.
If you can’t get on the computer without logging onto a porno site, you have a problem.
My question is: How long are we going to put up with attitudes, addictions, hang-ups, and lusts of the flesh that are self destructive, and in absolute disagreement with the word of God, before we holler (Help Lord, I have a problem?).

The only problem that is unsolvable, unfixable, and incurable, is the one you will not admit to having...Pastor Patty!